Lauren Chenarides


Lauren Chenarides completed her doctorate in agricultural, environmental, and regional economics at Pennsylvania State University, where she also taught courses in food products marketing. Her research interests are centered on food access, consumer store choice, food retailer marketing behavior, and applied industrial organization.

Her dissertation examined households' choices of food retailers and how food retailers' marketing strategy outcomes, such as the availability of food items, might exacerbate the hardships consumers face living in food deserts.

Professor Chenarides is actively involved in scholarly associations, including the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, American Economic Association, and Northeast Agricultural and Resource Economics Association. Her most recent research, published in Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, explored the relationships between store formats, market structure, and consumers' food shopping decisions.


  • Ph.D. Agricultural, Environmental, and Regional Economics, Pennsylvania State University 2017
  • B.A. Mathematics, College of the Holy Cross 2008


Research Interests

  • Food Access
  • Food Retailing Landscape
  • Food Marketing
  • Scanner Data
  • Consumer Store Choice
  • Demand Modeling
  • Food and Health Economics
  • Applied Industrial Organization 


Spring 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
WPC 394Special Topics
AGB 420Food Advertising and Promotion
AGB 425Food Supply Networks


  • Pre-Doctoral Fellow  National Institute of Food and Agriculture, 2016
  • Travel Grant Recipient  Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, 2016
  • College of Agricultural Sciences Travel Award  Pennsylvania State University, 2016
  • College of Agricultural Sciences International Tag Along Fund Program Recipient  Pennsylvania State University, 2015
  • Student Scholarship Recipient  Northeast Agricultural and Resource Economic Association, 2013