Amin Sabzehzar

PhD Student
Graduate Assistant/Associate
TEMPE Campus


I am a 5th year Ph.D. candidate, research associate, and instructor of Information Systems in W. P. Carey School of Bussiness at Arizona State University. I am expecting to graduate in Spring 2022. 

I am interested in research topics that directly speak to the management of social issues, broadening developmental view of thinking and offering practical coping mechanisms. In particular, I am interested in exploring the favorable and unfavorable consequences of various sources of identity-based biases (e.g., race, political ideology, culture, and religion) with an eye toward understanding fundamental social issues. The relationships I study are complex and require well-defined theoretical foundations and meticulously designed identification strategies. I refer to economic, social psychology, political science, and sociology theories to derive my hypotheses for empirical testing. Using these theories, I focused on the role online platforms play in alleviating or boosting religious prejudice, social movements, political polarization, hate speech and the digital divide. I have presented my research at premium conferences in the IS field, including The International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), Conference on Information Systems snd Technology (CIST), INFORMS, and other disciplines, e.g., Complex Adaptive Systems Conference. 

Dictated by the nature of my research, I use a variety of research methods for causal inference. Especially my background enables me to master a broad range of research methods, including experiments (lab and field experiment), empirical research (using machine learning algorithms and econometrics methods), structural modeling, content analyses, and behavioral research methods such as surveys. I worked with panel data and time series, and dug into the different econometrics models (e.g., Gravity model, regression discontinuity, survival models, discrete choice models, Markov chain model, social networks, etc.) and machine learning algorithms (mostly, natural language processing). 


Ph.D. Management of Information Systems, 2022 (expected)

Arizona State University

MBA & M.Sc. in Engineering (concurrent degrees), 2017

University of Nevada, Reno

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, 2014

University of Tehran, Iran

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, 2011

Isfahan University of Technology, Iran

Research Interests

Peer-to-peer lending

User-Generated Content

Digital Platform





Sabzehzar, A., Shan, W. L., Panahi, M. S., & Saremi, O. (2015). An Improved eXtended Classifier System for the Real-time-input Real-time-output (XCSRR) Stability Control of a Biped Robot. Procedia Computer Science, 61, 492-499.

Saremi, O., Panahi, M. S., & Sabzehzar, A. (2015). An Improved Continuous-Action Extended Classifier Systems for Function Approximation. Procedia Computer Science, 61, 361-366.

Sabzehzar, A., Nasab, A. M., Tatari, M., Majidi, C., & Shan, W. (2017). A Soft Gripper with Rigidity Tunable Elastomer Strips as Ligaments. Soft robotics4(4), 411-420.



Fall 2020
Course NumberCourse Title
CIS 325Programming for Bus Analytics
Fall 2019
Course NumberCourse Title
CIS 325Programming for Bus Analytics