Helen Van der Sluis

PhD Student
Graduate Assistant/Associate
TEMPE Campus


Helen's research investigates how often-stigmatized social factors such as gender, disability, and race both shape and are shaped by the marketplace, and what consequences result for consumers, marketers, and policymakers. As both an academic and individual, Helen is interested in the ways marketing can improve accessibility across different spaces.

Helen received Honorable Mention recognition for the 2020 ACR/Sheth Foundation Dissertation Award (Public Purpose Track) for the first essay of her dissertation, on responses to and consequences of gender-based price variation (under review at the Journal of Consumer Research). The ongoing research for her second dissertation essay, on perceptions of individuals with disabilities in the marketplace, was recently acknowledged as Runner-Up for Best Competitive Paper at the Society for Consumer Psychology 2021 Conference.

In her free time, Helen enjoys hiking with her husband and dog, doing puzzles, and collecting cookbooks.


B.A., Psychology - Columbia University, 2014

Research Interests

Manuscripts under review or in preparation

Helen van der Sluis, Adriana Samper, and Andrea Morales, "Responses to Gender-Based Price Variation: Differences or Discrimination?" invited for revision at the Journal of Consumer Research.

  • Dissertation

  • Honorable Mention 2020 ACR/Sheth Foundation Dissertation Award: Public Purpose Track

  • This work examines how men's and women's responses to the common practice of gender-based price variation differ. I find that women view higher prices for themselves as signals of gender discrimination that are unfair, which negatively impacts many brand outcomes (i.e., choice, purchase likelihood, competitor patronage). Alternatively, men are less attuned to the prices as signals of gender discrimination, and so their perceived price unfairness and subsequent brand responses are not as negatively impacted.


Helen van der Sluis, Adriana Samper, Kirk Kristofferson, and Terri Hlava, "Rethinking Perceptions of Disability: The Unintended Harm of Simplified Inferences," in final preparation for submission to Journal of Consumer Research.

  • Runner-Up, Best Competitive Paper, 2021 SCP Conference

  • Despite making up a significant minority of the United States (25%) and world (15%) population, individuals with disabilities are largely missing from marketing research. In this work, we find that nondisabled consumers infer that individuals with disabilities prefer utilitarian, over hedonic, items, even though hedonic enjoyment is important to the well-being we all seek. Importantly, these inferred preferences are misaligned with the preferences of disabled consumers. We demonstrate this inferred preference limitation across multiple consumption domains (e.g., utilitarian vs. hedonic product preference, gift-giving), and highlight that these effects occur due to any disability label, regardless of how the disability is specifically cued.


Lauren Grewal and Helen van der Sluis, "The Perceived Tradeoffs of Accessibility in the Marketplace," in final preparation for submission to Journal of Marketing Research.

  • While many consumers benefit from increased accessibility in the marketplace, we propose that when firms consider where to focus their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts, accessibility and disability are frequently overlooked. In this work we demonstrate that marketers may be missing an opportunity by neglecting accessibility in that, under certain conditions, consumers respond quite positively to increased accessibility. Further, we highlight why this perceived tradeoff between accessibility and other CSR efforts exists, and what brands can do to best serve disabled consumers and other consumers who benefit from more accessibility without alienating other consumer segments.


Summer 2020
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MKT 302Applied Mrktng Mgmt & Ldrship
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MKT 352Marketing Research
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MKT 302Applied Mrktng Mgmt & Ldrship
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