James Elkins

Faculty Associate
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James B. Elkins is a foremost authority on Institutional Trading and Global Trade Cost Analysis. He became an adjunct professor with W. P. Carey School of Business in 2015.

In 1991, Mr Elkins co-founded Elkins/McSherry, LLC with Richard McSherry and served as President of the firm. Elkins/McSherry specialized in global trading cost studies for many of the world’s largest pension funds, investment managers, banks, and brokers. Over the course of 20 years Elkins/McSherry conducted studies for more than 800 institutions and served as a consultant for five of the largest global stock exchanges. Some of the firms most significant achievements were the introduction of global bond trading cost analysis covering more than 32,000 global bonds and the first successful Foreign Exchange (FX) global transaction cost analysis system.

Following the sale of a majority stake of Elkins/McSherry LLC to State Street Bank in 1999, Mr Elkins continued to serve as company President and remained a member of the Board of Directors. Mr Elkins also founded and managed the Elkins/McSherry trading desk (which was merged into State Street Brokerage Services in 1999) and continued to oversee all trading at their first New York branch office until his retirement in 2004.

Mr. Elkins spent 10 years as a floor partner on both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and American Stock Exchanges (ASE) subsequently leaving the floor to become Head Trader at Abel/Noser Corporation where he managed all trading activity and established their institutional trading desk. While there he was instrumental in developing the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) which became the recognized industry standard.

In 2009, Mr. Elkins decided to come out of retirement and become an Independent Consultant (Elkins Consulting LLC) specializing in Institutional Trading and Transaction Cost Analysis. His most recent projects included: reviewing the Institutional Global Trading of BNY/Convergex; Senior Advisor at Greenwich Associates to the CEO and the partners; and conducted a full analysis of trading practices, policies and procedures at the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS) for the Director, CIO, PM’s and Traders.


B.S. NYU Stern School Of Business (1962-1966)


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