Pablo Casas Arce

Assoc Professor
TEMPE Campus


Pablo Casas-Arce is an assistant professor at the W.P. Carey School of Business since 2012. Professor Casas-Arce works on compensation, control systems, the use of accounting information, organizational economics, and corporate governance. His work has been published in some of the top economics, management, and accounting journals, such as the Journal of Political Economy, Management Science, Journal of Accounting Research, and The Accounting Review, among others. Prior to joining ASU, Professor Casas-Arce was on the faculty at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the University of Oxford.


  • Ph.D. Harvard University 2003
  • B.A. Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain 1998

Research Interests

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Organizational Economics


  • Casas-Arce, Pablo, Martin Holzhacker, Matthias D. Mahlendorf, and Michal Matejka. “Relative Performance Evaluation and the Ratchet Effect,” Contemporary Accounting Research, forthcoming.
  • Casas-Arce, Pablo, Thomas Kittsteiner, and Asís Martínez-Jerez. “Contracting with Opportunistic Partners: Theory and Application to Technology Development and Innovation,” Management Science, forthcoming.
  • Casas-Arce, Pablo, Sofia Lourenço, and Asís Martínez-Jerez. 2017. "The Performance Effect of Feedback Frequency and Detail: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Customer Satisfaction," Journal of Accounting Research, Vol. 55, no. 5, pp. 1051-1088. 
  • Casas-Arce, Pablo, Asís Martínez-Jerez, and V.G. Narayanan. 2017. "The Impact of Forward-Looking Metrics on Employee Decision-Making: The Case of Customer Lifetime Value," The Accounting Review, Vol. 92, no. 3, pp. 31-56.
  • Casas-Arce, Pablo, and Albert Saiz. 2015. "Women and Power: Unpopular, Unwilling, or Held Back?," Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 123, no. 3, pp. 641-669.
  • Casas-Arce, Pablo, and Santhi Hejeebu. 2012. "Job design in the presence of career concerns," Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Vol. 21, no. 4, pp. 1081-1108.
  • Casas-Arce, Pablo. 2010. "Career tournaments," Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 667-698.
  • Casas-Arce, Pablo. 2010. "Dismissals and quits in repeated games," Economic Theory, Vol. 43, no. 1, pp. 67-80.
  • Casas-Arce, Pablo, and Albert Saiz. 2010. "Owning versus renting: Do courts matter?" Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 53, no. 1, pp. 137-165.
  • Casas-Arce, Pablo, and Asís Martínez-Jerez. 2009. "Relative performance compensation, contests, and dynamic incentives," Management Science, Vol. 55, no. 8, pp. 1306-1320.

Research Activity

  • "Going Public: Employee Responses to Relative Performance Disclosure," with Carolyn Deller and Asís Martínez-Jerez.
  • "Leader Effects in Competition Among Teams: Evidence from a Field Intervention," with Asís Martínez-Jerez.
  • "Bonus Plan Choices During an Economic Downturn," with Raffi Indjejikian and Michal Matejka.


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Work History

<p>Arizona State University: 2012-present. Previous appointments: Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2006-2012), University of Oxford (2003-2006).</p>