Hongmin Li

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Hongmin Li is a professor of supply chain management in the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. She joined ASU in 2007. She holds a doctorate in operations management from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Professor Li's primary research stream focuses on supply chain decisions during product transitions when a company, as well as its competition, manages more than one generation of products simultaneously, such as generations of microprocessors for personal computers. She studies production and inventory control, capacity planning, and pricing within this context. Her secondary research focus is on supplier management and incentive structures when there is competition between suppliers or supply chains. She has articles on these topics published or accepted at Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Production and Operations Management, Operations Research, and Naval Research Logistics. She has been the Principal Investigator or co-PI on four research grants from the semiconductor industry. 


  • Ph.D. Operations Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2007
  • M.E. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2002
  • M.S. Syracuse University 1998
  • M.S. University of Michigan 1997
  • B.S. Peking University, China 1995

Research Interests

  • Pricing and Revenue Managment
  • Inventory Management
  • Capacity and Production Planning
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Product Transitions and Product Line Design
  • Incentive Design and Supply Chain Contracting
  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Healthcare and Humanitarian Supply Chains


  • Xu, Liang, Hongmin Li, and Hui Zhao, “Outcome-based reimbursement: the solution to high drug spending?” forthcoming, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
  • Huh, Woonghee T. and Hongmin Li, “Technical Note: Optimal pricing under multiple-discrete customer choices and diminishing return of consumption,” forthcoming, Operations Research
  • Li, Hongmin, Woonghee T. Huh, *Matheus Carioca Sampaio, **Naiping Keng, “Planning production and equipment qualification under high process flexibility,” forthcoming, Production and Operations Management.
  • Li Hongmin. “Optimal pricing under diffusion-choice models,” forthcoming, Operations Research, 68(1):115-133

  • Li, Hongmin, Scott Webster, and Gwangjae Yu. “Product design under Multinomial Logit choices: optimization of quality and prices in an evolving product line,” forthcoming, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 22(5): 1011-1025

  • Farahat, Amr, Woonghee T. Huh, and Hongmin Li (2019). “On the relationship between quantity pre-commitment and Cournot games,” 2019, Operations Research, 67(1):109-122

  • Li, Hongmin, Scott Webster, Nicholas Mason, and Karl Kempf (2019). “Product-line pricing under discrete Mixed Multinomial Logit demand,” Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 21(1):14-28. (First-prize, 2017 M&SOM Practice-based Research Competition)

  • Li, Hongmin, and Scott Webster (2017). “Optimal pricing of correlated product options under the Paired Combinatorial Logit model,” Operations Research, 65(5): 1215-1230

  • Eftekhar, Mahyar, Hongmin Li, Luk N. Van Wassenhove, and Scott Webster (2017). “The role of media exposure on coordination in the humanitarian setting,” Production and Operations Management, 26(5): 802-816

  • Huh, Woonghee T. and Hongmin Li (2015). “Technical Note: Pricing under the nested attraction model with a multi-stage choice structure,” Operations Research, 63(4): 840-850

  • Yin, Rui, Hongmin Li, and Christopher S. Tang (2015). “Optimal pricing of two successive-generation products with trade-in options under uncertainty,” Decision Sciences, 46(3), 565-595

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  • *Adriaansen, Teun,Dieter Armbruster, Karl G. Kempf, and Hongmin Li (2013), “An agent model for the high-end gamers market,” Advances in Complex Systems, 16(7)

  • Li, Hongmin, Dieter Armbruster, and Karl G. Kempf (2013), “A Population-growth model for multiple generations of technology products,” Manufacturing & Service Operations Management,15(3): 343-360

  • Li, Hongmin, Hao Zhang, and Charles H. Fine (2013), “Dynamic business share allocation in a supply chain with competing suppliers,” Operations Research, 61(2) : 280-297

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  • Li, Hongmin and Stephen C. Graves (2012), “Pricing decisions during inter-generational product transition,” Production and Operations Management, 21(1): 14-28

  • Li, Hongmin, Yimin Wang, Rui Yin, Thomas J. Kull, and Thomas Y. Choi (2012), “Target pricing: demand-side versus supply-side approaches,” International Journal of Production Economics, 136 (1): 172-184

  • Li, Hongmin and Woonghee T. Huh (2011), “Pricing multiple products with the Multinomial Logit and Nested Logit models: concavity and implications,”Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 13(4): 549-563

  • Li, Hongmin, Stephen C. Graves, and Donald B. Rosenfield (2010), “Optimal planning quantities for product transition,” Production and Operations Management 19(2): 142-155

Research Activity


Fall 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
SCM 516Descrptv&Predctv Sup Chn Anlyt
Spring 2021
Course NumberCourse Title
SCM 792Research
SCM 795Continuing Registration
SCM 799Dissertation
Fall 2020
Course NumberCourse Title
SCM 516Descrptv&Predctv Sup Chn Anlyt
Fall 2019
Course NumberCourse Title
SCM 516Intro to Applied Analytics
Fall 2018
Course NumberCourse Title
SCM 516Intro to Applied Analytics
Fall 2017
Course NumberCourse Title
SCM 516Intro to Applied Analytics


Runner-up, 2015 POMS College of Humanitarian Operations & Crisis Management Best Paper Award


Journal Referee

  1. Management Science
  2. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
  3. Operations Research
  4. Production and Operations Management
  5. Decision Sciences
  6. International Journal of Production Economics
  7. INFORMS Journal on Computing
  8. IIE Transactions

Professional Associations

1. Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences 2. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Society 3. Production and Operations Management Society


Department Committee Service

  1. Undergraduate Program Committee (2007-2009, 2011-present)

  2. Committee to implement a student knowledge acquisition assessment process required for AACSB accreditation (2010) 

  3. Personnel Committee (2015-present)

  4. Communications Committee

  5. Analytics Committee (2016-present)

University Service

  1. Academic Senate Representative (2016-present)

Work History

1. Arizona State University: 2007-present 2. Research Intern, Supply Chain Department, 3Com Inc., 2005-2006 3. Software Engineer, Open Market, Inc., 2000-2001 4. Software Engineer, Tickets.Com Inc., 1998-2000.


Research Collaborations with

  • Semiconductor Research Corporation
  • Intel Corporation
  • 3Com, Inc.


Industry Positions

· Research Intern

  3Com, Inc. Marlborough, MA, 2005 – 2006          

· Software Engineer

  Open Market Inc.  Burlington, MA, 2000 – 2001                                       

  Tickets.Com Inc.  Syracuse, NY, 1998 – 2000