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Information Systems

The Department of Information Systems supports Bachelor of Science majors in information systems and business analytics, master's degrees in information management and business analytics, and a PhD in information systems.


Office: BAC 601

Mailing Address:
Main Campus PO BOX 874606 Tempe, AZ 85287-4606

Phone: 480-965-3252

Fax: 480-727-0881


Mail Code: 4606

Umit Tursun Ozer
Clinical Asst Professor
Ajay Vinze
Professor Emeritus

Ajay Vinze's areas of interest range from strategic applications/implications of information and communication, with focus on Latin America, East Europe/Balkans and South/Southeast Asia, to sustainability and public health.

Robert Wood
Lecturer Senior
BAC 639
Shin-yi WU
Associate Professor

Shinyi Wu's research interests include strategic pricing of information goods and services; telecommunications and efficient allocation of wireless network resources; and impact of online recommendations and ratings on sales.

BAC 682
Zhongju Zhang
BAC 658


No employees found.
No employees found.
Benjamin Shao
Interim Associate Dean for China Programs & Professor

Benjamin Shao's research areas include IT impacts, data analytics, ICT services, IS security, and IT supply chain interface.

BAC 678
Michael Shi
Assoc Professor
BAC 676
Donghyuk Shin
Assistant Professor

Shin's research interest lies at the intersection of machine learning and information systems focusing on leveraging ML to solve business problems and applications.

BAC 652
Alan Simon
Principal Lecturer
BAC 657
Matthew Sopha
Clinical Assoc Professor

Matthew Sopha's research areas include social media and influence; social presence; digital music; technology in the classroom; and information systems teaching methods.

BAC 694
Robert St Louis
Emeritus Professor

Robert St. Louis teaches classes on information management, and conducts research in the areas of document search, management control systems, and evidence-based decision making.

BAC 690
Paul Steinbart
Professor Emeritus

Paul Steinbart's research interests include issues concerning the usability of information security solutions, individuals’ information security behaviors, effective governance of information security, and consumer privacy,

Christopher Sulla
BAC 657
Umit Tursun Ozer
Clinical Asst Professor