Area of Emphasis in Supply Chain Management

A W. P. Carey Custom Corporate MBA makes your organization more knowledgeable, prepared, and competitive. Through core courses and an area of emphasis in supply chain management, your employees will gain a stronger foundation and your company will have a greater edge in a fast-paced 21st century economy.

Supply Chain Management Courses

Strategic Procurement

Develops the ability to apply the principles, philosophies, and processes of supply chain management to purchasing management on a global basis, in order to facilitate the continuous improvement of purchasing management systems.

Supplier Management and Negotiation

Focuses on how to select, develop, and execute appropriate sourcing strategies and processes.

Logistics in the Supply Chain

Explores theories and practices of modern logistics management within a market-driven supply chain-oriented framework and developing analytical skills for sound decision-making by studying inventory management, forecasting, warehouse management, outsourcing, third party logistics and service providers, and performance measurement.

Supply Chain Design and Cost Management

Examines organizing models for supply chain management, sourcing strategy and commodity/supplier classification, supplier pricing and pricing strategies, and understanding supplier costs and total cost of ownership models.