Core Courses


The foundation of the W. P. Carey MBA includes a set of core courses that give your employees a broad understanding of key business disciplines and a robust set of tools that can be used in strategic decision-making. Courses are customized to emphasize how the concepts and tools presented can be applied to the company’s industry and competitive challenges. Because a custom corporate MBA cohort would be comprised of your employees, these courses would be discussed within the context of your company. A dedicated design team will collaborate with your company to structure a program that meets your organization’s objectives. Your employees would take courses in the same sequence, forming a tightly-knit learning community.

Your company can customize the degree by selecting elective courses that drive your strategic objectives. Choose electives from different disciplines to provide breadth across business functions or choose electives in one area of focus, including Finance, Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

Other features your company can customize:

  • Percentage of the program that is delivered online
  • Start date and length of the program
  • Applied projects
  • Residential learning experiences on campus or at company locations around the world

Sample Courses

Financial Accounting

Contemporary financial accounting and reporting systems, with an emphasis on the interpretation and evaluation of a company's external financial reports.

Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting concepts and procedures for internal reporting applied to the decision-making activities of professional managers.

Managerial Economics

Impact of the economic environment on business; tools and techniques of economic analysis used in marketing, finance and strategy.

Managerial Finance

Developing analytical techniques and financial theories used to make optimal decisions in a corporate setting.

Marketing Management

Managing the marketing function; market and environmental analysis; marketing planning, strategy and control concepts; development and management of marketing programs.

Operations and Supply Management

Contemporary management issues, including environmental, project and supply chain management; new product development; quality control; TQM.

Organization Theory and Behavior

Understanding the human side of organizations through management theories and applications. Developing knowledge and skills for successful management of self and others.

Statistics for Managers

Fundamentals of statistical analysis to aid management decision making.

Strategic Management

Formulation of strategy and policy in the organization, emphasizing the integration of decisions in the functional areas.


The W. P. Carey School of Business faculty are highly regarded and acknowledged globally as influential researchers and consultants. Their research is published regularly in prestigious academic journals, and several of our faculty members hold editorial positions at such publications, reaffirming our position as a top business school.

Our faculty members are passionate and connected to today's rapidly changing business environment. Through their experience as teachers and consultants, they have the expertise to work with subject matter experts within your company to understand the business challenges your organization is facing and to contextualize their courses for your employees.