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Undergraduate programs

Discover exciting, innovative, and global opportunities. Majors in agribusiness and food industry management will prepare you for a rewarding career or graduate studies. Explore information for future undergraduate students at the W. P. Carey School of Business.

Global agribusiness degree

With a BA concentration in global agribusiness, you’ll learn about agricultural production, finance, marketing and distribution and explore agribusiness issues such as international trade, food safety and sustainability.

Possible careers for global agribusiness graduates include finance and technical positions within private agribusiness firms and governmental agencies, management, marketing, and environmental economics.

Food industry management degree

Discover mission-critical skills in applied finance, strategy, marketing, human resource and supply chain management necessary for success in any food-related enterprise.

With a BA concentration in food industry management, you’ll gain the skills and experience for careers in purchasing and procurement, food supply chain management, wholesale and distribution, logistics, commodity trading and export, and food marketing.

Undergraduate certificates

The Morrison School of Agribusiness also offers an undergraduate certificate in food industry management and marketing. Teaching you to navigate the unique business, economic, and policy issues of the global food system, this certificate places an emphasis on food marketing and distribution. Join us to gain industry-specific training that complements a wide variety of undergraduate degrees at Arizona State University.