Engagement opportunities and scholarships

The Morrison School of Agribusiness offers students countless opportunities to engage with the school and each other, from student organizations and conferences to study abroad programs.

As part of the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, the Morrison School offers multiple departmental scholarships for students, as well as resources for external agribusiness scholarships.

Engagement opportunities

From special-interest classes and national competitions, to study abroad programs and annual conferences, students at the Morrison School of Agribusiness have countless opportunities to engage with their fellow classmates and the industry beyond the regular coursework.

Study abroad

Costa Rica Spring Break Trip: Students will learn about the coffee industry and other related business in Costa Rica. A program scholarship is available — apply here!

ASU has many study abroad programs that are recommended for Food Industry Management and Agribusiness Innovation and Technology students.

Specialized classes and student organizations

AGB 100: Hands-on course providing students with a comprehensive and practical understanding of agribusiness topics grounded in real-world examples, with invited speakers to make students aware of career opportunities that exist in this vast sector of the overall economy.

AGB 494 (Business of Beer): Offered spring semesters.

ASU Sigma Alpha sorority for Agribusiness students.

Conferences and competitions

Ag Gateway to Ag Careers Annual Conference: A fantastic opportunity for undergraduate students to learn more about technology and data analytics in the food industry. In the past 3 years, 3 Morrison School students have attended. All expenses are paid. Please contact Dr. Mark Manfredo for more information.

International Fresh Produce Association Career Pathways program: The Morrison School sends 4 students to participate in this program every October. Please contact Renee Hughner for more information.

AGB 370/NGA Foundation Student Case Study Competition: During the Spring A quarter, students develop a recommendation to a current issue in the food retailing industry. Please contact Renee Hughner for more information.


ASU W. P. Carey scholarships

The Morrison School of Agribusiness provides multiple departmental scholarships for students pursuing our bachelor’s degrees in agribusiness innovation and technology and food industry management, as well as the undergraduate certificate in food industry management and marketing.

The W. P. Carey School of Business uses a single application for all departmental scholarships. Students are matched to appropriate scholarships to which they qualify. In the application, students are required to provide a resume and essays describing their leadership experiences and educational and career goals.

External scholarships

NGA Foundation Scholarships

AFMA Foundation Tuition Reimbursement program

AFMA Foundation Scholarship Application

NAMA Awards and Scholarships