PhD Placement Data

PhD Year: 2020

Alwin D’Souza

Initial Placement: Arkansas Tech University

Current Placement: Arkansas Tech University

Dissertation Title:Managing Food Loss and Food Waste in the Supply Chain

PhD Year: 2018

Yi Xie

Initial Placement: Xiamen University

Current Placement: Cal Poly Pomona

Dissertation Title: Consumers’ Health-Related Food Choices & Behaviors

Iryna Printezis

Initial Placement: Arizona State University

Current Placement: Arizona State University

Dissertation Title: Consumer Demand for Local Food from Direct-to-Consumer versus Intermediated Marketing Channels

PhD Year: 2017

Octavio Valdez Lafarga

Initial Placement: Arizona State University

Current Placement: Universidad Autonoma de Occidente, MX

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Demand Systems Estimation for Agricultural & Natural Resource Economics

PhD Year: 2016

Simbarashe Pasirayi

Initial Placement: Tulane University

Current Placement: Salisbury University

Dissertation Title: Global Perspective of Private Labels Success: The Function of Manufacturer Power, Retailer Strategy and Consumer Conduct

PhD Year: 2015

Daniel Lewis

Initial Placement: PwC

Current Placement: PwC

Dissertation Title: The Role of Futures Markets for the Design and Performance of Incentive Based Environmental Policy: A Study of the Sulfur Financial Instrument and European Union Alliance

Di Fang

Initial Placement: University of Arkansas

Current Placement: University of Arkansas

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Innovation: Optimal Licensing Strategies, New Variety Adoption, and Consumer Preference in a Peer Network

PhD Year: 2014

Koichi Yonezawa

Initial Placement: Technical University of Munich

Current Placement: Cornell University

Dissertation Title: Three Essays on Consumer Behavior under Uncertainty

Sophie Winter

Initial Placement: SUNY Cobleskill

Current Placement: SUNY Cobleskill

Dissertation Title: Umbrella Branding of Private Labels

Karen Lewis

Initial Placement: University of Tennessee

Current Placement: University of Tennessee

Dissertation Title: Analysis of the United States’ Sugar Industry

PhD Year: 2013

Claudia Dumitrescu

Initial Placement: Whitworth University

Current Placement: Central Washington University

Dissertation Title: An Attributional Explanation of Consumers’ Responses to Government Regulations and Corporate Social Responsibility, with Implications for Childhood Obesity

William Allender

Initial Placement: McMaster University

Current Placement: McMaster University

Dissertation Title: Demand for Variety Under Costly Consumer Search: A Multi-Discrete/Continuous Approach