Career services, resources and events

Students in the accountancy program at the W. P. Carey School of Business are highly sought after by a wide range of employers. In fact, Arizona State University is a national recruiting school for many top firms across the country and around the world. Fortune 500 companies along with governmental and not-for-profit sectors are keenly interested in attracting our graduates.

To prepare you for these exciting internship and full-time positions, the W. P. Carey Career Services Center is available to assist both undergraduate and graduate W. P. Carey students.

Our career coaches have the expertise to help you clarify your career goals, develop your interviewing skills, and structure and implement an effective job search. We host workshops, panels, networking events, and company receptions specific to all phases of your career search.

In the fall and spring, we organize career fairs attended by nationally recognized employers. The W. P. Carey Career Services Center offers a variety of personalized services and advanced resources including the following:

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Researching career paths and specific organizations
  • Enhancing interview skills
  • Professional networking
  • Evaluating offers
  • Career library resources