School of Accountancy recruiting events

The School of Accountancy within the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU is proud of the recruiting relationships we’ve built over the years. We host two annual events connecting students and employers. For more information about upcoming recruiting events, including the date, location, and registration information, visit the W. P. Carey Career Services Center:

Meet the Firms

Meet the Firms is the largest recruiting event for accounting students. It takes place every Fall semester and marks the beginning of the annual recruiting season when employers seek to identify students for internships and full-time opportunities within both public and private accounting.

All accounting students are invited to participate in Meet the Firms, and there are often opportunities available for students as early as during their sophomore year.

Typically there are over 40 employers who participate in Meet the Firms, giving students the opportunity to explore professional opportunities in a wide variety of industries and firm sizes. Students are encouraged to interact with the professionals at the event and to ask questions to learn more about their company and potential employment opportunities there.

Spring Mixer

The Spring Mixer is a more intimate recruiting event that typically takes place in February. All employers represented on the School of Accountancy Professional Advisory Board are invited to attend, which provides students an opportunity to network with the strongest supporters of the school in a more personal setting than a career fair.

During the event, students are able to connect with employers one-on-one for meaningful conversations about the firms, their employment opportunities, and personal career aspirations. Additionally, employers showcase both early talent opportunities targeting sophomores for the following summer, as well as roles they are still seeking to fill from the fall recruiting cycle.