Accounting PhD placement data

The School of Accountancy is proud to highlight the achievements of our graduates. Below are selected recent placements of W. P. Carey PhD candidates with a concentration in accounting.

Student Graduation Year Initial Placement
Mason Snow 2022 California State University, Fullerton
Christina Paparcuri 2021 Indiana University
Christian Paparcuri 2020 City University of Hong Kong
Liwei Weng 2020 Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Wei Zhang 2019 University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Lyungmae Choi 2017 City University of Hong Kong
Brian Wenzel 2017 McGill University
Michael Mowchan 2016 American University
An-Ping Lin 2015 Singapore Management University
Laura Wellman 2014 University of Illinois-Chicago
Stephanie Tsui 2013 City University of Hong Kong
Eric Weisbrod 2012 University of Miami
K. C. Lin 2012 Oregon State University
Katharine Drake 2012 University of Arizona
Matt Hart 2010 Texas Tech University
Rick Laux 2009 Penn State University
Ryan Casey 2009 Miami University of Ohio
Michael Robinson 2009 University of South Florida
Jagadison Aier 2008 George Mason University
David Erkens 2008 University of Southern California
Zhan Gao 2008 Lancaster University