Financial assistance

Financial assistance for PhD students is typically provided for four years. Continuation of financial aid is dependent on successfully completing assigned responsibilities, as well as making satisfactory progress in the program. Financial support for students who remain in the program after the eighth semester requires approval from the School of Accountancy doctoral committee and will be based on the candidate’s past performance.

Although graduate students do not qualify for grants from the state or federal government, there are other options to help fund your ASU education. Some private donors offer scholarships to graduate students. Explore all your options through ASU Scholarship SearchFederal and private student loans are also available.

Follow these steps to apply for aid, which will begin the process of acquiring federal student loans. The ASU Graduate College may also be able to help you find additional scholarships/assistantships, and can assist you with additional questions about the financial aid process.

Graduate assistantships

All doctoral students in the School of Accountancy receive 50 percent FTE (20 hours per week) appointments as graduate assistants in teaching or research for up to five academic years. The graduate assistantship pays a competitive stipend, a remission of out-of-state tuition (where applicable), and a 100 percent reduction of in-state tuition.


Doctoral students typically teach one course while in the program to build skills in the classroom.