PhD placement data

Our faculty make extensive efforts to place our PhD students in positions at top universities befitting their skills, interests, and areas of expertise.

Name PhD year Initial placement Current placement
Zhongzhi Liu 2017 Soochow University Soochow University
Sangho Chae 2017 Tilburg University Tilburg University
Yousef Abdulsalam 2016 Kuwait University Kuwait University
Min Choi 2016 California State University, Fullerton California State University, Fullerton
Sophie Yang 2016 University of Texas, El Paso University of Texas, El Paso
Zac Rogers 2016 Colorado State University Colorado State University
Annibal Sodero 2012 University of Arkansas University of Arkansas
Mei Li 2011 Lehigh University Michigan State University
Tingting Yan 2011 Wayne State University Wayne State University
Yusoon Kim 2010 Georgia Southern University Oregon State University
Arash Azadegan 2008 New Mexico State University Rutgers University
Yunsook Hong 2007 Bowling Green State University University of Ulsan, Korea
Barry Brewer 2006 Air Force Institute of Technology University of Wyoming
Regis Terpend 2006 Boise State University Boise State University
Christian Rossetti 2006 North Carolina State University North Carolina State University
Bryan Ashenbaum 2006 Miami University Miami University
Wendy Tate 2006 University of Tennessee University of Tennessee
Cynthia Wallin 2006 Brigham Young University Brigham Young University
Marcos Primo 2003 Miami University Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
Zhaohui Wu 2003 Oregon State University Oregon State University
Jeffrey Ogden 2003 Brigham Young University Air Force Institute of Technology
George Zsidisin 2001 Michigan State University Virginia Commonwealth University
Pamela Easton 2000 Bryant College Penn State University, Harrisburg
Craig Carter 1996 University of Maryland Arizona State University