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Meet the Faculty

Nearly 300 inspiring teachers and world-renowned researchers are at the heart of what we do at the W. P. Carey School of Business: change lives through business education. They publish scholarly work in top journals, present at national conferences, spend countless hours preparing their coursework, and, above all, are dedicated to their students.

Our faculty includes a Nobel Laureate, members of the prestigious National Academy of Sciences and thought leaders in a wide range of business disciplines.

Get to know some of our faculty members:

Michele Phund

Dr. Michele Pfund

Undergraduate Program Director and Clinical Associate Professor
Supply Chain Management

What professional accomplishments are you most proud of and why?

While I have a few awards hanging around here and there, my proudest accomplishments are those that are given to me by my students: the Teets award, the graduation stoles, and the thank you e-mails and letters that come directly from my students. These are the greatest accomplishments, because it means I was able to deliver great content while being empathetic, compassionate, understanding, and most importantly, approachable.

What is your favorite vacation spot

I have two. Utah is my favorite place to ski. Hawaii is my favorite place to just hang out and relax!

What is your area of research

Optimization is a tool that allows us to find the best possible solution to a problem but often ignores all of the potential outcomes that can exist. Projects can fail, timelines can take longer than expected, and demand can vary widely. I enjoy trying to construct algorithms that can perform well given these types of uncertainties.

Where is your alma mater

I attended Case Western Reserve for my undergraduate education, Purdue University for my master’s, and Arizona State University for my doctorate. (Go Devils!)

Where is your "never fail" lunch spot on or near campus

My office (sad but true). I usually hold office hours over lunch as it’s a really convenient time for students to drop by (many SCM students don’t have class then). When I do get a chance to eat lunch on campus, my favorite place to eat is Engrained.

Eddie Davila

Eddie Davila

Senior Lecturer
Supply Chain Management
John W. Teets Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, 2010

What is your favorite vacation destination

My attention span for vacations is not very good, but London (huge metropolis), Maui (complete relaxation), and almost anywhere in California (family getaways) are some of my favorite places to visit.

What is your area of research

I am a full-time instructor to over 1,500 students per year, so outside of research and development for my in-person and online course, academic research is limited. I do develop educational videos, though. I developed a supply chain management video series .

Right now, I'm helping to write and produce videos that explain all the majors offered through the W. P. Carey School of Business, plus I'm writing an Introduction to Business video "textbook" for Pearson Publishing.

Where is your "never fail" lunch spot on or near campus?

Z-Tejas off Mill Avenue – not too full, never empty, but always easy to get a very good meal during lunch. Gets me away from the office for a bit, and gives me fuel to get through long afternoons of lecturing.

What's the most rewarding part about teaching?

I teach supply chain management, a relatively obscure topic for most young students. The fact many of my students get to discover this really incredible field through my lectures is an absolute honor. When students tell me that they want to change their majors (and lives) because of my class – that is completely satisfying.

What do you do enjoy doing in your free time?

Practicing Anusara yoga is my absolute favorite thing to do. I also enjoy running super-geeky advance metric fantasy baseball and football leagues, and I am an absolute media junkie.

John Eaton

Dr. John Eaton

Clinical Faculty
Huizingh Honors Teacher of the Year, 2010

What's the most rewarding part about teaching?

I thoroughly enjoy students recognizing our course principles in real-world marketing situations. Additionally, there's nothing better than to hear from a former student how they are using class concepts in their business careers.

What is your area of research?

My areas of research revolve around branding (brand equity/brand image/brand personality) and strategic sports sponsorship.

What professional accomplishments are you most proud of and why?

To be on the faculty of the Marketing Department here at W. P. Carey, hands down. After leaving for my first faculty job in 2000, it took me six years to get back to ASU. It was the longest six years of my life but I’m finally back home.

Also, my teaching awards: to be recognized not only by students through the John W. Teets Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award but also to be honored by the W. P. Carey faculty with the Huizingh Outstanding Undergraduate Professor has been amazing. To think that I was just an ASU doctoral student ten years ago and now I’m winning faculty teaching awards at the school I love – It’s a dream come true!

Where is your alma mater?

Undergraduate: University of Michigan (Remember them? They used to have a football team!)
Ph.D.: The best business school in the country -- W. P. Carey!

Where is your "never fail" lunch spot on or near campus?

Chuckbox is always fun.