ASU Sync classes for Fall 2020

Classes for on-campus students will be taught across three environments for the fall semester: in person, via Zoom, and 100% online.
See how ASU Sync will support your learning.

Student organizations

Getting involved in a professional organization associated with your major will provide you an opportunity to network with professionals in the field to better prepare you for life outside the classroom.

ASU Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA-ASU)

SCMA-ASU is a student-run organization with a focus on networking and career development in the supply chain management area. Benefits of membership include (but are not limited to):

  • Resume book accessible to SCM recruiters
  • Admission to the SCM Career Fair
  • Opportunities to network with industry leaders and fellow supply chain students
  • Leadership opportunities within SCMA committees
  • Valuable/meaningful experiences to share in interviews

Professional organizations

You can also join supply chain-related professional organizations while you are a student. Some SCM-related organizations: