Customize Your MBA

The W. P. Carey Full-time MBA is rooted in transformation. Through distinct MBA concentrations, you can create your own path forward, aligning your MBA with your goals and interests.

Beyond the Forward Focus core curriculum, you can create a blueprint for your career with concentrations and electives within the Full-time MBA. Think of concentrations as a functional home, the discipline in which you intend to seek job placement. You then have the ability to customize your MBA journey with electives to further explore interest in particular industries or subjects. You will be required to complete at least one concentration, but will have the option to pair them for further individualization.

Full-time MBA concentrations

From traditional business disciplines to emerging fields, MBA concentrations allow you to gain deep expertise in the areas that matter most to you. Concentrations require 12 hours of coursework.

*We recommend that you pair these concentrations with another in a functional area, i.e. the sector of business where you intend to work.

Because of the on-campus recruiting schedule early in your first semester in the Full-time MBA program, you will be strongly encouraged to choose a concentration around the first week in October.

Full-time MBA electives

Whether you want to add greater depth to your MBA in one particular area of study or sample as many subjects as you can, MBA electives can help you stand out with recruiters and hiring organizations. Courses are offered in a variety of topics, below are a few of the most popular:

  • Business and government
  • Global business economics
  • Health care management
  • High tech
  • Services
  • Sports business
  • Sustainability