MBA Full-Time - Forward Focus MBA Curriculum

Forward Focus MBA Curriculum

The 60-hour Forward Focus MBA curriculum is rooted in transformation, both of our students and of business as we know it. As the world continues to evolve faster and more unpredictably, you need an MBA that can prepare you to lead through uncertainty.


In addition to a full MBA scholarship for admitted students, the W. P. Carey School of Business has developed a series of dynamic courses that, in addition to the core tenets of an MBA education, are key differentiators from other programs:

Decision-making with Data Analytics trains you to become a better consumer of data analytics and a more effective analytical leader in a data-rich world.

Self-Transformation through Executive Connections teams you with senior executives to enhance your leadership competencies through experiments in leadership and lunch and learn sessions, as well as coaching, mentoring, and career preparation outside of class.

Intellectual Fusion Learning Labs pairs you with non-business ASU master’s degree students on action-learning projects that strengthen your cross-functional skills. Business doesn’t happen neatly between the clear-cut lines of traditional business school core courses. Business happens across all industries, disciplines, and economies.

Future Forward Leadership readies you to deal with ambiguous situations by building skills in design thinking, improvisation, and super-flexibility. This new course uses experiential learning activities, allowing you to experiment and recalibrate in real time, building immediate applied confidence and finesse.

Year One

Quarter 1 — Begins in August

  • Financial Performance Reporting and Analysis: Financial Accounting
  • Leading People, Teams, and Organizations: Organizational Theory
  • Sources of Competitive Advantage I
  • Understanding Facts: Statistics for Managers
  • Self-Discovery through Career Coaching
  • Self-Transformation through Executive Connections

Quarter 2 — Begins in October

  • The Art of Managing Resources to Create Value: Managerial Finance
  • Create and Deliver Customer Value: Marketing Management
  • Decisions, Market Structure, and Games: Managerial Economics

Quarter 3 — Begins in January

  • Internal Measures of Success: Managerial Accounting
  • Digital Innovations and Transformation: Information Systems
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Self-Transformation through Executive Connections
  • Course in concentration or elective

Quarter 4 — Begins in March

  • Decision Making with Data Analytics
  • Going Out on Your Own: Entrepreneurship
  • Mastering the Art of Influence and Negotiations
  • Frontline to Boardroom Communication
  • Courses in concentration or elective


A mandatory internship and an optional global elective, both taken in the summer, complement your core classes and provide unforgettable new perspectives.

Year Two

Quarter 5 — Begins in August

  • Global Business Environments
  • Intellectual Fusion Learning Labs
  • Self-Transformation through Executive Connections
  • Courses in concentration or elective

Quarter 6 — Begins in October

  • Ethical Issues for Managers
  • Intellectual Fusion Learning Labs
  • Courses in concentration or elective

Quarter 7 — Begins in January

  • Future Forward Leadership
  • Self-Transformation through Executive Connections
  • Courses in concentration or elective

Quarter 8 — Begins in March

  • Sources of Competitive Advantage II
  • Courses in concentration or elective