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Executive Connections program

As a Full-time MBA student at Arizona State University, you will collaborate with an executive mentor throughout the 21-month program. Executive Connections intentionally augments your leadership development by accelerating and enhancing your contributions to employers and society — and by providing a framework for career success throughout your lifetime. Our MBA students benefit from access to mentors with decades of experience in finance, supply chain management, business transformation, executive leadership, and more.

Elevate your leadership with executive support

The Executive Connections program seeks to elevate the leadership skills of W. P. Carey Full-time MBA students through one-on-one mentoring by proven business leaders. These mentors access their real-world business experiences to provide emotional intelligence, strategic decision-making, and career planning guidance to their mentees.

Through intensive 21-month one-on-one mentoring — which includes group leadership development opportunities and programmatic activities — the students graduate with enhanced abilities to propel team outcomes, influence stakeholders, make critical decisions in the face of ambiguity, better appreciate and embrace diversity of thoughts and backgrounds, and successfully lead organizations. Executive Connections mentors’ close involvement with their students embodies the W. P. Carey motto of Where Business is Personal.®

Areas of engagement

This program embraces the principles and values of W. P. Carey and ASU, through five key areas of engagement:

  • Executive Connections mentors promote excellence in leadership, working with students to develop critical leadership skills.
  • Executive Connections mentors emphasize the importance of integrity as they work with students on the personal and interpersonal skills needed to succeed professionally and gain the respect of others.
  • Executive Connections mentors impact a student’s career trajectory by helping them prepare for, understand, and decide on internship and full-time employment opportunities including career transitions.
  • Executive Connections mentors emphasize the importance of becoming better members of the community through a broad lens, encompassing business, personal, and academic pursuits. They encourage students to leverage their skills for good by giving back to their communities.
  • Executive Connections mentors provide access to a global perspective to help students with social and cultural transitions, as well as providing significant insights into working in the U.S. and global markets.
Terri Tierney Clark

The mentors have a diversity of experience across many industries. That experience gives students access to a wealth of knowledge to help them understand the types of career opportunities available to them. Individual mentor interaction also helps students hone their leadership skills in a non-judgmental environment.

Career mentors throughout life are often senior individuals at one's company. A great advantage of the Executive Connections program is that students can be fully honest with an advisor outside of their work environment about their reviews, their professional challenges, and the areas in which they would like to improve.

Terri Tierney Clark (Executive Connections mentor)

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Executive Connections mentors

Leverage the experience of accomplished executives to strengthen your business and personal skills. Executive Connections pairs you with a volunteer group of senior executives, who mentor you as you embark on new career opportunities. Our executives-in-residence are an integral part of the Full‑time MBA program and a cornerstone of your experience at the W. P. Carey School of Business.

The level of access and the number of mentoring opportunities available to you through the Executive Connections program are rare among top business schools. Interaction with senior leaders of this caliber will help round out a more complete, more impactful MBA experience.

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