MBA Full-Time - Executive Connections

Executive Connections

Information. Insight. Inspiration. Leverage the experience of accomplished executives to strengthen your business and personal skills. Executive Connections pairs you with a volunteer group of senior executives, who coach and mentor you as you embark on new career opportunities. Our executives-in-residence are an integral part of the Full‑time MBA program and a cornerstone of your experience at the W. P. Carey School of Business.


The level of access and the number of coaching opportunities available to you through the Executive Connections program are rare among top business schools. Interaction with senior leaders of this caliber will help round out a more complete, more impactful MBA experience.

Executive Connections will help you:

  • Build critical leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Better understand and prepare for your career
  • Practice and hone key business skills needed to succeed
  • Take a deeper dive into the inner workings of the business world
  • Develop a practical complement to your academic experience

Areas of Engagement

You'll connect with some of the most accomplished executives in their respective fields, gaining valuable insights in five distinct areas of engagement:

  1. Leadership Coaching — Helping you develop critical leadership competencies and personal, interpersonal skills
  2. Mentoring — Assisting with a variety of academic, business, personal and career-related issues
  3. Applied Projects — Offering guidance on industry projects in an advisory role
  4. Career Preparation — Helping you understand, decide and prepare for employment and internship opportunities
  5. Class Activities — Assisting faculty members with a variety of class activities

During the two-year W. P. Carey MBA program, you are encouraged to work with this elite group of mentors in as many ways and as often as possible. Their experience brings both a unique perspective and a necessary real-world component to the Full‑time MBA. Executive Connections will deepen your skills, challenge your thinking, and develop your expertise.