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W. P. Carey Refreshers

To graduation and beyond means we’re in this for life. As an alum, you are always welcome to tap into our strengths and leverage them as your own. And with W. P. Carey Refreshers — short video lessons brought to you by outstanding faculty and executive educators — doing so is easier than ever.

Lifelong learning, available on demand

Whether it’s brushing up on skills you haven’t used in a while, or diving into new disciplines, W. P. Carey Refreshers deliver business insights you can put to work at every stage of your career. All of that, available online and on your time:

  • Access the knowledge you need, on demand
  • Derive years of value with a few minutes of video
  • Strengthen existing skills and gain new ones
  • Advance your career at your own pace

Useful insights on all things business

W. P. Carey Refreshers offer you educational opportunities that are free, easy, and on your schedule. So when you need help with a business problem, a skill refresh, or a new way to invest in yourself, simply log in and learn.

Some highlights from our career advancement library:

  • The human side of big data
  • Data-driven financial decision-making
  • The time value of money
  • Creating the future through innovation
  • Measuring the global business environment
  • Ethical biases and breakdowns

With new content being added each semester, there's plenty more to explore. What are you waiting for? Log in and learn!