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W. P. Carey LinkedIn Alumni Group Guide

Did you know your alma mater maintains two LinkedIn pages? But only one offers an exclusive, curated, and alumni-only community experience.

Public Page

Our public page allows anyone to connect with the school at a surface level, via:

  • Posts and info for general followers, and a wide variety of other audiences
  • LinkedIn curated lists of all alumni who have identified themselves on their profile (searchable by region, graduation year, employer, or industry)
  • A list of current employees and a job board for open positions at the school
  • Some (but certainly not all!) of our upcoming public events (For the full list, visit

That open access has some tradeoffs though, and as an alumni, your ability to engage much deeper than that is restricted. Subscribing to this page is only the first step in expanding your capacity to connect.

Private Alumni Group

The private alumni group requires you to request access to join. From there, our team will confirm you are an alum, and then you are in! This alumni page allows you to effectively:

  • Directly message fellow group members for potential partnerships, internships, recruitment, or mentorships (messaging on LinkedIn is otherwise restricted to only your 1st-degree connections)
  • Broaden the network of people and peers you could can connect with
  • Share business articles, knowledge, best practices
  • Share details about promotions for your alumni-owned business as a way to grow your brand
  • Receive exclusive alumni content, career tips and tricks, and events from the school that are not available to the general public
  • Request or offer help to collaboratively solve problems
  • Poll the community
  • Post jobs your company may have available for fellow alums
  • Get updates from this group page directly in your homepage feed

It’s highly recommended that all alumni of our school follow both our public page and join this private group, which consists exclusively of your verified, highly-engaged peers. It’s a place where you have an established connection and can access to the collective power of this global community, without fear of being spammed by outside parties or unmoderated content.

5 ways to be an engaged member of the alumni LinkedIn community

1 |   Proudly display the group affiliation on your profile.

2 |   Tag the group in your relevant personal posts for double exposure.

3 |   Start new conversations in the group page to unlock exclusive communications templates, like polls.

4 |   Message the group owner to add fellow alumni and we’ll send them an invite so that they can reap the benefits!

5 |   Treat this as your community, because it is! Share good news and achievements, no matter how great or small, as well as the failures and lessons you had along the way (and encourage others to share their stories, so we can all learn together). If there’s something specific you’re looking for that the group can’t provide, contact us, and we’ll get you to the right resources here at W. P. Carey!

The resources and advantages of this community are limitless

Be sure to check out our Alumni and W. P. Carey Career Services Center webpages to take full advantage of all the ways we can learn, grow, connect, give back, and thrive together.