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The W. P. Carey School of Business is one of the top-ranked business schools in the United States and is internationally regarded for its research productivity, distinguished faculty members and diverse, high-achieving students. In today's rapidly changing environment, business and academia must stay aligned to make a significant and meaningful difference. Corporate partnerships are integral to the continued success of the school and everything that we do is guided by this core belief.

Synergistic relationships

Our corporate partners pursue knowledge as a catalyst for change while advancing our research and teaching mission. We help them recruit and develop talent, and infuse them with innovative ideas, insightful thinking, and actionable research. In turn, they bring us real-world challenges for research, enhance student learning through projects, keep us abreast of market trends and contemporary techniques, and contribute generously to our cause. Together, we shape the future of business.

Further your mission

Our Corporate Relations team can further your mission by facilitating mutually beneficial relationships with the school. They know that the integration of business knowledge and business practice is what drives progress, and they are passionate about finding new ways to facilitate this integration. Whether you are looking to access our talent, develop your talent, discover new insights or shape the future, there are numerous opportunities for involvement. Contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.

Your business is our business

Investing in business knowledge and talent has never been more important for your business. Helping you discover, access and maximize it – that's our business! Your business is our business.


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