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Delivered by the highly ranked W. P. Carey Departments of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management, the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS‑BA) was one of the first business analytics master’s degrees in the U.S. The curriculum is informed by industry partners to ensure its applicability in the real world, builds on your quantitative skills, and develops the analytics depth you need to make an immediate impact in your career.

Program overview

The W. P. Carey MS‑BA is designed for recent college graduates with a strong quantitative background. Previous work experience is not required. The program starts in August, with an on-campus orientation required before the beginning of the first semester. Classes are held weekdays on ASU's Tempe campus.

The STEM-designated business analytics master’s will prepare you for the exploding world of Big Data by developing the skills necessary for data-driven analysis and strategic business decision-making in one of the economy's fastest-growing fields.

MS-BA degree tracks

To meet the diversity of opportunities available with an analytics master’s — and to prepare you for a wealth of new career paths — the ASU MS-BA features five academic tracks. Each track offers a distinct MS-BA experience.

 Big data

To meet the demand for business analytics specialists, the W. P. Carey Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS-BA) big data track will deepen your quantitative and analytical skills, allowing you to derive value from data and modeling, lead data-driven analyses, and create a business advantage.

  • 9-month program
  • 30 credit hours

 Cloud computing and tech consulting

The cloud computing and tech consulting track expands on the big data curriculum with courses covering enterprise information security, business data visualization, cloud analytics, and business process and workflow analysis, as well as elective courses. Coursework prepares you for a variety of roles that will leverage your analytics expertise.

  • 16-month program
  • 43 credit hours


Bridging the worlds of financial data, technology, and data analytics, fintech is transforming not only the primary functions of financial transactions, but the companies that oversee them, as well. The fintech track in the MS-BA will prepare you to lead in an exploding area of growth with wide open job prospects.

  • 16-month program
  • 43 credit hours

 Marketing analytics

With the marketing analytics track, you can apply data to the entire marketing funnel, from lead acquisition to search engine optimization to social media and email marketing. Go inside the number to learn to use and interpret analytics to make data-driven marketing decisions.

  • 16-month program
  • 43 credit hours

 Supply chain analytics

Analytics is a critical piece of the supply chain puzzle, using data infrastructure, mathematical models, and more to improve performance. The supply chain analytics track leverages W. P. Carey’s world-renowned reputation for supply chain leadership and data analytics to help you move your career forward.

  • 16-month program
  • 43 credit hours

STEM-designated program

The W. P. Carey MS-BA program has been designated by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency within the Department of Homeland Security as a STEM eligible degree program (CIP code 52.1301). The STEM designation may allow eligible graduates on student visas access to an Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension, up to 36 months, as compared to 12 months for non-STEM degrees. As an international student, the longer work authorization term can help you gain additional real-world skills and experience in the U.S.


Learn from dedicated, passionate teachers, practitioners and thought leaders. As world-renowned researchers and experts who consult companies around the globe, W. P. Carey faculty bring learning to life. W. P. Carey faculty members regularly contribute to and edit prestigious academic journals, and their expertise is sought by such media outlets as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, USA Today, CNN, and NPR.

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