Faculty - Faculty Achievement

Faculty Achievement

W. P. Carey School faculty bring excellence to their research and the classroom, and we are proud to acknowledge their dedication and success.

2013 Teaching Awards
  • Huizingh Honors Teacher of the Year -- John Eaton, Marketing
  • Huizingh Outstanding Undergraduate Professor -- Lonnie Ostrom, Marketing
  • Huizingh Award for Classroom Innovation -- Matt McCarthy, Information Systems
  • MBA and Master's Teaching Awards -- Don Lange, Management; Andrea Morales, Marketing; Michele Pfund, Supply Chain Management
  • Doctoral Programs Outstanding Professor -- Yuri Tserlukevich, Finance
  • Faculty Research Award -- Rajiv Sinha, Marketing
  • Hall of Fame Inductee -- Barbara Keats
  • Faculty Service Award -- Michael Mokwa, Marketing
  • Huizingh Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award — Eddie Davila, Supply Chain Management and Jordan Lowe, Accounting
  • Huizingh Outstanding Service to Students Award — John Eaton,  Marketing
  • Outstanding Master's Teaching Award -- Michal Matejka, Accounting
  • Outstanding Master's Teaching Award -- Bob St. Louis, Information Systems
  • Outstanding Master's Teaching Award -- Gene Schneller, Supply Chain Management
  • Outstanding Doctoral Faculty Award -- Andrea Morales, Marketing
  • Outstanding Faculty Research Award -- Blake Ashforth, Management
  • Hall of Fame Inductee -- Dr. Vincent Blasko, Marketing
  • Hall of Fame Inductee -- Dr. Lee McPheters, The L. William Seidman Research Institute
The John W. Teets Outstanding Teaching Award
Established in 1999, the John W. Teets Outstanding Teaching Award recognizes instructors and graduate assistants chosen by their students as elite members of the academic community.

Beginning in 2013, the award for each undergraduate and graduate teaching honor is $5,500; the award for each graduate teaching assistant is $2,250.

2013 John W. Teets Outstanding Teaching Award Winners:

  • Teets Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award -- Melissa Martin, School of Accountancy
  • Teets Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award -- Ilona Babenko, Finance
  • Teets Graduate Teaching Assistant Award -- Tyler Glavan, School of Accountancy
Editorial Positions
W. P. Carey School faculty members advance knowledge by serving in leadership positions for a variety of journals:
  • Organization Science - Blake Ashforth, senior editor
  • Journal of Supply Chain Management - Craig Carter, co-editor
  • Journal of Operations Management - Thomas Choi, co-editor
  • Academy of Management Journal - Kevin Corley, associate editor
  • Academy of Management Review - Jeff LePine, associate editor
  • MIS Quarterly - Bin Gu, associate editor
  • Information Systems Research - Bin Gu, associate editor