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W. P. Carey Alumni Council

The W. P. Carey School of Business is taking nominations for our new alumni council. Potential members are committed to advancing our goals through direct action, input, and collaboration. If you are interested in learning more please contact Theresa Shaw, Manager of Alumni Relations.

Alumni Council members

Name Degree
Jamie Allison

BS - Accountancy, MAIS

Thomas Anderson BS Data Analytics, Finance
Michael Angulo BS - Supply Chain Management
Tori Becher MBA
Kellie Brennan BS - Computer Information Systems
Terell Burgess MBA
Megan Burtraw BS - Marketing
Phil Calandra MBA
Rachael Clark BS - Finance, Supply Chain
Michael Coker BS - Marketing
Jessica Cook BS - Economics
Steven Cowan MBA
Seth Crawford BS - Marketing, MS - Agribusiness
Dennis Currens BS - Marketing
Seth Deitchman BS - Supply Chain Management
Caitlin Dishon* MBA
Thomas Elliot BS - Finance, MBA
Brian Etheridge BS - Economics
Justin Ferrara BS – Finance, BS - Business Data Analytics
Felix Fox BS – Finance, BS – Mgmt Entrepreneurship
Kristen Fox BS - Supply Chain, BA - Business Law
Lina Garcia BS - Management
Jordan Gift MBA
Kyle Heck BS - Finance, MS - Finance
Brad Kendrex BS - Accountancy
Neeraj Madan MS - Business Analytics
Dominic Mayr MBA
Jason Meece BS - Purchasing Logistics Mgt, MBA
Amy Nelson BS - Accountancy, MBA
Terry O'Brien BS -Management
Stacey Pilcher BS - Advertising
Aaron Pool BS - Management
Brett Powell BS - Finance, MBA
Carol Romney MBA
Andra Rubenis BS - Accounting
Abby Rudd MBA
Payne Ruhlman BS – Data Analytics, Finance, Supply Chain Management
Bo Sederstrom MBA
Zarina Shafeeva BS - Business Analytics
Marie Sminkey BS – Management, BS - Marketing
Allie Stea BS – Finance, BA – Business (Spanish language & Culture)
Sally Summersgill BS – Marketing, BS – Data Analytics
Brandon Temple BS - Accountancy, BS - Marketing
Brian Wentzel BS - Economics