W. P. Carey Campus

W. P. Carey Alumni Council

The W. P. Carey Alumni Council includes some of our most committed and passionate alumni volunteer leaders. Council members are first and foremost ambassadors for our school in their companies, regions, and communities. They also help steer the focus of our alumni efforts.

Membership at a glance

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Theresa Shaw.

  • Meet for a full day of programming each semester (twice annually), and when called upon for projects or needs that come up throughout the year
  • Go through a brief application process and demonstrate commitment to ASU’s mission
  • Offer time, talents, and treasure to help advance the alumni and student experience
  • Engage in meaningful change with fellow alumni and your alma mater

Current Alumni Council members

The Alumni Council currently consists of approximately 50 members, from a variety of degree backgrounds, grad years, and locations in cities across the U.S.

(BS Accountancy, MAIS) Jamie Allison
(BS Business Data Analytics/Finance) Thomas Anderson
(BS Supply Chain Management) Michael Angulo

Tori Becher (MBA)
Kellie Brennan (BS Computer Information Systems)
Terell Burgess (MBA)
Megan Burtraw (BS Marketing)

(MBA) Phil Calandra
(BS Finance/Supply Chain Management) Rachael Clark
(BS Marketing) Michael Coker
(BS Economics) Jessica Cook
(MBA) Steven Cowan
(BS Marketing, MS Agribusiness) Seth Crawford
(BS Marketing) Dennis Currents

Seth Deitchman (BS Supply Chain Management)
Caitlin Dishon (MBA)

(BS Finance ’69, MBA ’71) Tom Elliot
(BS Economics) Brian Etheridge

Justin Ferrara (BS Business Data Analytics/Finance)
Felix Fox (BS Finance, BS Mgmt Entrepreneurship)
Kristen Fox (BA Business Law/BS Supply Chain Management)

(BS Management) Lina Garcia
(MBA) Jordan Gift

Kyle Heck (BS Finance, MS-FIN)

(BS Accountancy) Brad Kendrex

(MS-BA ’15) Neeraj Madan
(MBA) Dominic Mayr
(BS Purchasing Logistics Mgt, MBA) Jason Meece

Amy Nelson (BS Accountancy, MBA)

(BS Management) Terry O’Brien

Stacey Pilcher (BS Advertising)
Aaron Pool (BS Management)
Brett Powell (BS Finance, MBA)

Carol Romney (MBA)
Andra Rubenis (BS Accountancy)
Abby Rudd (MBA)
Payne Ruhlman (BS Business Data Analytics/Finance/Supply Chain Management)

(MBA) Bo Sederstrom
(BS Management/Marketing) Marie Sminkey
(BS Finance, BA Spanish Language & Culture) Allie Stea
(BS Business Data Analytics/Marketing) Sally Summersgill

Brandon Temple (BS Accountancy/Marketing)

(BS Economics) Brian Wentzel