Arizona State University is committed to supporting your quest for knowledge. More than 80 percent of all ASU students receive some form of financial assistance every year, including a number of different scholarships designed to support you in school and in life. That’s in addition to the nearly $1 million in scholarships the W. P. Carey School of Business awards directly to business students each year.

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Scholarships at W. P. Carey

You can apply for business scholarships after being admitted to ASU and the W. P. Carey School, whether you are an incoming first-year student or transfer student. The W. P. Carey School offers general scholarships to any business student meeting the stated scholarship criteria, as well as departmental scholarships to students majoring in particular disciplines. These awards are funded through many sources, including private businesses, corporations, foundations, alumni, and individual donors.

Admitted students can complete a single W. P. Carey scholarship application online, to determine award eligibility for both general and departmental scholarships. The application process is competitive and selection is based on varying criteria such as GPA, leadership and community service, academic major, class level, financial need, and residency classification.

Please note that the W. P. Carey application does not cover scholarships targeted to all ASU students — learn more though the ASU Scholarship Office.

Scholarships at ASU

ASU considers students for merit-based scholarships once they have been admitted to the university. Many outstanding incoming undergraduate students are selected as New American University Scholars — which offers a monetary award to help finance your education, in a challenging, research-oriented learning environment. These scholarships are often renewable, and encourage you to make a difference while earning your degree.

Find out how to become a New American University Scholar, and check out ASU’s scholarship estimator to determine your potential award. Then, explore even more scholarship opportunities and resources at ASU: