MTax prerequisites

The W. P. Carey Master of Taxation and Data Analytics (MTax) program is a rigorous master's degree that require a commensurate level of accounting knowledge. To ensure that you are prepared for the program, the following prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the start of the program.

Please note that the prerequisites below include course names and numbers from Arizona State University's course catalog, taken by W. P. Carey undergraduate accountancy majors. Most students with an undergraduate accounting degree or finance degree with an emphasis or minor in accounting will satisfy these prerequisites. All prerequisites must be completed prior to entering the program.

MTax prerequisites

  • Uses of Accounting Info I/Intro to Financial Accounting (ACC 231/232)
  • Intermediate Financial Accounting I/External Reporting I (ACC 340)
  • Intermediate Financial Accounting II/External Reporting II (ACC 440)
  • Taxes and Business Decisions (ACC 430)

Prerequisites must be taken at an accredited institution. Audit or pass/fail courses are not acceptable. If you have questions regarding meeting the prerequisite requirements, please contact the admission and recruitment team or your admission advisor.

The PATHWAY PROGRAM is for students with non-Accountancy undergraduate majors (including ASU's Corporate accounting major) who are interested in obtaining a Master of Accountancy and Data Analytics or Master of Taxation and Data Analytics degree. The PATHWAY PROGRAM provides students a "shortcut" completion of the MACC/MTax prerequisite courses. The amount of time it takes for a student to complete the classes is dependent on the classes the student needs and the rate the student takes classes. If your Pathway application is approved, you would need to apply to ASU as a non-degree seeking graduate student. Please note, non-degree seeking is a part-time student status which does not qualify for financial aid or a student visa.