Online MS-SCM curriculum

The W. P. Carey School of Business offers two innovative pathways to begin your Online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program. You can choose to complete the MITx MicroMasters® program in supply chain management or the ASU Professional Credential in Supply Chain Management. Regardless of which path you choose, you will be granted 12 credit hours in the Online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program, fulfilling the requirements of SCM 502, SCM 541, SCM 532, and SCM 515. Credits are granted and transferred in upon admission into the W. P. Carey School.

Online MS-SCM course descriptions

Operations and Supply Management

Contemporary management issues, including environmental, project, and supply chain management; new product development; quality control; TQM.

Logistics in the Supply Chain

Critical issues for customer perception of supply chain performance, including inventory planning, transportation, warehousing, information technology, and integrated logistics service.

Supply Chain Design and Cost Management

Strategic design and development of supply chains. Focus on cost-management tools applied to supply chain design and supplier management.

Decision Models for Supply Chain

Decision modeling approaches for supply chain management such as optimization, simulation, and decision analysis. Emphasizes spreadsheet-oriented approaches.

Strategic Procurement

Applies the principles, philosophies, and processes of supply management to the purchasing management process on a global basis and to facilitate the continuous improvement of the purchasing management system.

Supplier Management and Negotiation

Selecting, developing, and executing appropriate sourcing strategies and processes.

Case Studies in Global Supply Chain and Logistics

Synthesizes learnings from previous courses and applies this learning to specific issues that have a major global logistics component.

Advanced Supply Chain Planning and Control

Managing the conversion of raw materials to finished goods, including scheduling, work-in-process inventory management, and postponement/customization..

Project Management

Planning, scheduling, and controlling of projects in R&D, manufacturing, construction, and services. Project selection, financial considerations, and resource management.

Seminar: Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Describes technology hotspot analysis and lifecycle assessment, as well as various models of technology forecasting and diffusion. Additional focus on consumer products and services, and the social and environmental impacts of the organizations that provide them.