Program Overview

China is globalizing at an astonishing rate. This pace of change is profoundly affecting not only China's domestic situation, but also the global economy.

To accelerate China’s pace of global integration, the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University offers a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Global Financial Management program in China.  Senior corporate and government leaders who emerge from this program will be prepared to transform China’s economic structure and financial markets, leading the future of transformative change.

DBA is an applied research professional doctorate designed for senior corporate leaders and government officials in China seeking a terminal degree alternative to the traditional PhD intended for those pursing an academic career. The leaders emerging from this program will transform China’s economic structure, its financial markets and shape the future of China’s leadership roles in the global economy of the 21st century.

All such initiatives depend on the development of human capital for it is the catalyst for all. Hence, the DBA program is designed to sustain and amplify leaders who aspire to affect transformative changes in this exciting and dynamic global environment.

Unique Faculty

The faculty includes some of the world’s most influential thinkers. All faculty members participating in the program are world-class experts on China’s economic, multinational corporation and financial systems. Most are able to deliver their instruction in Mandarin.

Unique Students

The DBA is designed for senior executives looking to transform their organizations as leaders. They aspire to become global champions within their respective industries. This is a radically different model from the scholarly PhD degrees, which train students in basic research and for academic careers. Their scholarship will not be judged by publications in top their academic journals, but rather by the impact on those whom they serve.

Unique Curriculum

The DBA explores many critical topics facing China today on its quest of globalization. The curriculum is also designed to leverage participants’ existing strengths in financial management and institutional knowledge in the financial services sector. Though interaction with faculty and other world-class experts and benchmarking of global elite firms and their operations, DBA students will master the rules of global engagement and build their organizations as a truly global enterprise in all dimensions.

Globally Recognized DBA Degree

The Doctor of Business Administration has been approved by the Arizona Board of Regents as an official degree of Arizona State University.

Research in Action

This is designed as learning laboratories – a semi-structured opportunity for candidates to concentrate on significant business and policy making issues, through a learning community of their peers and faculty where ideas are challenged, polished and shared. Throughout the program, students will be trained with a mixture of quantitative and qualitative research skills.


The DBA thesis emphasizes action as an integral part of research. Because the workplace is a prime environment for learning, the DBA thesis is applied research that will challenge people to think and develop solutions in new unexpected ways and to challenge the status quo. In short, the thesis creates impactful changes by critically examining one’s own professional activities, beliefs and practices. It will be documented through a mixture of research methods and informed by published scholarship.