China Programs

The W. P. Carey School of Business has been directly involved in the development of top leadership in China since launching the Executive MBA in Shanghai program in 2003. The business leaders emerging from this program will shape U.S.-Sino trade relationships during China’s continued global expansion. The academic program is the cornerstone of a number of new offerings that include knowledge transfer and access to the highest level of decision-makers in China.

Executive MBA in Shanghai

Designed for senior-level executives of state-owned firms and high-ranking government officials in charge of policymaking and regulation, the Executive MBA in Shanghai is ranked among the best EMBA programs in the world by Financial Times. The program has enjoyed support from the leadership of the Ministry of Finance, Shanghai city government and other key government agencies such as Shanghai Securities Exchange, China Securities and Regulatory Commission and China Banking Regulatory Commission.

Doctor in Business Administration

To accelerate China’s pace of global integration, the W. P. Carey School of Business developed the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Global Financial Management program. Senior corporate and government leaders emerge from the DBA program prepared to transform China’s economic structure and financial markets, leading the future of transformative change.

Master’s in Management

The Master of Science in Management (MiM)-Custom Corporate Program is designed for participants from a single company in China. The curriculum is designed to leverage existing strengths in a chosen management concentration and provide intensive knowledge on managerial decision-making and strategic formulation.