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MBA concentrations

Optional concentrations allow you to add depth in a specific discipline to your MBA — an ideal way to match your degree with your strengths and career aspirations.

Artificial intelligence

Unlock unprecedented opportunities in today's data-driven business world by specializing in artificial intelligence (AI). Position yourself at the forefront of a rapidly evolving business landscape. With a concentration in AI, you'll harness data-driven insights, optimize decision-making processes, and innovate business models. In addition to integrating AI into business strategies, managing AI-related infrastructure, and understanding the ethical and societal implications of AI adoption. The curriculum provides a holistic approach to leveraging technology for competitive advantage and business transformation.

Business data analytics

Courses in business analytics will build on your quantitative and analytical skills, helping you learn to derive value from data to create a competitive business advantage. This concentration will enhance your knowledge in applied analytics, regression modeling, analytical decision modeling, data mining, and marketing analytics.


Further your current career path in the financial services industry or corporate finance. Electives within this concentration highlight mergers and acquisitions, international finance or investment fundamentals, giving you working knowledge of the leading-edge financial theories and the concepts and analytical techniques necessary for managing business strategically.

International business

To complete an international business concentration, you may choose from off-site international travel locations or 100% online courses. Off-site electives are offered in conjunction with international partner universities, allowing you to enhance your understanding of international business practices and immerse yourself in a new culture. Additional program fees and travel costs are required for off-site electives.


Possessing leadership qualities and displaying leadership behavior are key requirements for anyone who wants to progress in their careers. It is essential for aspiring managers to learn about the nature of effective leadership and to develop leadership competencies. The courses required to complete the leadership concentration will assist students in gaining deeper insights into the principles of leadership through enhanced self-awareness and critical thinking skills. Students will discover new and exciting insights into their own abilities on their path to becoming impactful leaders.


Blending marketing strategy with services marketing and management, the concentration in marketing delivers distinctive knowledge and skills sought by firms across industries that use service for a competitive advantage.

Supply chain management

The supply chain management concentration incorporates core business knowledge with the broad expertise of one of the top-ranked supply chain programs in the United States. Integrating all aspects of products and their service life cycles, from design to delivery to disposal, you’ll learn to be a strategic thinker, excellent analyst, effective communicator, and team leader focused on cost savings and increasing revenue.


A concentration in entrepreneurship will provide students with a framework and a skill set for evaluating and developing entrepreneurial opportunities. Students will be challenged to develop and refine individual entrepreneurial perspective. Coursework for this concentration is designed to help build a comfort level with understanding and solving problems faced every day, in real life, by a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs at various phases of their ventures.

Whether you are considering going out on your own, joining someone else’s startup, or becoming more entrepreneurial in your current role (intrapreneurship), this concentration in entrepreneurship is structured to equip you with the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to take you in the direction that suits you best.