Strategic Perspective

Go beyond the books. The W. P. Carey Executive MBA offers exclusive opportunities to see how policy shapes business decisions, and how companies half a world away can impact your organization.

Business Strategy and Public Policy

One of the signature experiences of the W. P. Carey Executive MBA, Business Strategy and Public Policy takes you to the Arizona capitol and Washington, D.C. to see the interaction of business and public policy in action on both the state and federal levels. Participate in an Arizona legislative process, then observe first-hand how the federal government interacts with business policy in the nation’s capital.

This strategy course not only reveals a side of business never seen in a classroom but also helps you understand how public policies can create opportunities or challenges for organizations.


  • Experience the structure and operations of the various branches of government
  • Discover how to monitor and anticipate key public policy decisions
  • Participate in a policy simulation to balance the state budget
  • Interact with legislators, lobbyists, and other key players in the public policy process

International Practicum

Travel abroad and see how business gets done around the world. The International Practicum provides critical insights into the ever-changing global economy. Study international management concepts in the classroom then put them into practice during a class trip overseas. Past visits have included sites in Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia.


  • Visit local businesses and industries
  • Discuss live case examples with local business leaders, government officials, and industry experts
  • Engage in case discussions and classroom experiences with local professors

Strategic Management Live Case

Gain hands-on experience working with senior executives on a real-time strategy project. This capstone experience draws from all previous course material and focuses on how best to gain or sustain competitive advantage for a specific organization. During the live case, teams work with key executives from a specified organization, visit the firm, and prepare detailed analysis and recommendations which are presented to a panel of executives.

By placing a heavy emphasis on tangible action items to implement the recommendations, this project is designed not as an academic exercise but as an opportunity to work on a current management issue in partnership with an organization, to help you acquire real experience in strategy development and implementation.


  • Hands-on strategy development experience
  • Opportunity to connect and work with senior executives in another organization on a real time issue
  • Culmination project to synthesize key takeaways from the program