Customized Services

OAS is here to assist faculty with their Canvas courses, course development, and all related issues:

  • New course development for fully online, hybrid, and in-person courses
  • Course building and maintenance
  • Advise faculty in video recording, deployment, and issues
  • Advise faculty in making course videos more engaging and interactive with PlayPosit
  • Direct faculty to WPC and ASU online training
  • Conducting one-on-one, just-in-time, personal Canvas and educational technology integration training
  • Creating and managing course survey tools through Qualtrics
  • Online technology instructional support
  • Canvas support:
    • Managing users
    • Building and managing student teams
    • Creating and managing discussion forums
    • Grades construction and maintenance
    • Test creation and maintenance
    • Academic integrity: setting up test and assignment integrity software
    • Addressing broken links and other technical issues in course sitesaa

Please create a support ticket for any help you will need in your Canvas course site, or any training you’d like to have.

  • Technology for Teaching (video presentation)

Course Revision

Course revision is an important step in keeping classes updated; in the online environment, this is particularly important to assure that links and other resources are still valid and accessible. It is also an opportunity to add new content, current applicable events and new technologies that impact your teaching.


Note however, that it also provides small group or one-one-one training. For more information, please contact

The following are just a few of the training topics we offer:

  • Getting Familiar with Canvas
  • Advanced Canvas – Gradebook, Quiz banks and Test pools (creation, delivery, completion & feedback options)
  • Engaging Your Students with Dynamic Content
  • Assessment Techniques, Student Performance Monitoring and Using the Canvas Grade Book
  • Creating Presentations for your Students (Relay and Presenter)
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property in Online Learning
  • Fostering Student Collaboration with Google Docs
  • Engaging Students in Online Discussions
  • Creating PDF's
  • Creating Videos and Narrated PPT's
  • Virtual Office
  • Blogs and other social media
  • Designing, Managing and using Discussion Questions to create in-depth learning
  • How to handle groups

If you have other topics you'd like to see offered, please let us know.