Department of Information Systems - Undergraduate Program Overview

Undergraduate Program Overview


Interested in being an essential part of the business world? Interested in working with people? Want to make a difference? Enjoy identifying, analyzing and solving problems? Like being challenged by a variety of situations and technologies? Have a goal of becoming a CEO or a CIO?

If you answered yes to any of the above, consider our Bachelor of Science in computer information systems (CIS) degree program.

With a degree in computer information systems, your career choices are limitless. CIS is part of every business and organization. You can choose to work for private industry, government, not-for-profit organizations or as a consultant. CIS also has become increasingly important in such fields as biology, communications, psychology, music, art and design, political science, sociology and education. Add the CIS knowledge component to your intellectual toolkit and maximize your marketability.

Computer Information Systems at W. P. Carey

The CIS program at W. P. Carey is consistently ranked among the top public programs in the nation. Our curriculum is focused on providing students with a business foundation so they can use information technology to add value to business and organizations.

The undergraduate program begins with CIS 105 – Computer in Business. Students learn the fundamental concepts and programs that are in business today. Honors students can take CIS 236 – Honors Introduction to Information Systems. This course combines CIS 105 and CIS 235 and enables honors students to receive credit for the CIS thesis.

Following your first semester, you begin a series of CIS and other courses designed to help you succeed in business. They focus on oral and written communication, analytical competencies, learning and working in diverse groups, and interpersonal and critical thinking. In addition, CIS majors take all of the business core courses to provide them with an overall business understanding.

Students also can join the Department of Information Systems Club (DISC) to begin networking with fellow students and industry leaders.

Jobs in Computer Information Systems

CIS involves the use of computers and information to enable people and organizations to be more creative and productive. CIS majors hold a range of job titles and engage in a wide variety of activities including business process workflow analysis, systems integration, project management, software application development, database administration and network deployment.

The W.P. Carey School of Business established the undergraduate Business Career Center to assist students in exploring their career options and coach them in the most effective methods of job search.

Computer Information Systems

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