Undergraduate - Technology – Bachelor’s Degree Program (BA)

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Technology – Bachelor’s Degree Program (BA)

Technology continues to dominate the way business gets done across industries. All types of organizations rely on technology to streamline processes, generate efficiency, and fuel innovation — innovation with often limitless applications and interdisciplinary impact. With endless opportunities to innovate, “dream” and “work” become one and the same.

The W. P. Carey School bachelor degree in technology develops tomorrow’s innovators in social entrepreneurship, gaming, and digital media. Whichever area you choose, you’ll learn concepts and skills to support or maintain successful business programs, as well as implement new technologies in the social entrepreneurship and digital spheres. The business technology degree at Arizona State University provides a solid foundation in business for tech companies, and the tech skills necessary to excel in any career or industry you can imagine.

Career Opportunities in Business Technology

Technology is about much more than nuts, bolts, and code. With a bachelor degree in business technology, you’ll be uniquely positioned to secure immediate leadership positions in the startup, corporate, and nonprofit world.

Your technology degree will prepare you to kick start your own company or kick off a successful career in business and nonprofit management, product development and marketing, or consulting.

Business Technology Degree Courses

The bachelor degree in technology challenges you to explore and analyze the relationship between business and technology, while engaging in discussions about everything from global marketing management and global impact entrepreneurship to sustainable communities and design for the developing world. 

Along with core W. P. Carey business courses, you’ll take courses in your focus area — social entrepreneurship, gaming, or digital media — and choose among hands-on courses such as:

  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Publishing
  • Creativity and Business Innovation
  • Design for the Developing World
  • Global Impact Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Illustration in Publishing
  • Enterprise Planning and Implementation
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Marketing and Business Performance
  • Global Supply Chain Management

Business technology degree courses are offered in conjunction with the College of Technology and Innovation at the ASU Polytechnic campus, an academic unit devoted to applied innovation and immersive learning.

Admission Requirements for the Bachelor Degree in Business Technology (BA)

Deadlines and specific requirements for bachelor degree in business technology students vary. Learn more about how to apply to ASU:

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