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Sustainability – Bachelor’s Degree Program (BA)

Finding ways to grow and prosper while reducing the stress on the global environment is a critical issue facing today’s society. As a result, combining the latest trends in business with cutting-edge knowledge of sustainability will prepare you to excel in a career area that is expected to dramatically increase in demand.

At the W. P. Carey School at Arizona State University, you can capitalize on growing demand for leaders in sustainability, especially as it pertains to global businesses. The bachelor degree in business sustainability develops experts in the societal, scientific, and business aspects of sustainability, giving graduates immediate relevance and career longevity. You’ll become fluent in understanding, evaluating, and acting upon sustainability and eco-friendly issues, as well as decision making for short- and long-term gains.   

Career Opportunities in Business Sustainability

Businesses all over the world are asking serious questions about how they can understand, evaluate and act on issues related to sustainability while making sensible business decisions for both the short and long term. They seek qualified individuals who understand the societal, scientific and business aspects of sustainability in an increasingly “green” world.

A bachelor degree in sustainability and business positions you to answer questions and make decisions regarding sustainability issues, enabling you to see beyond surface-level implications to overarching and potentially delayed impact. You’ll be uniquely qualified for career paths in agribusiness, corporate responsibility, supply chain management, operations, compliance, international development, policy and governance, and urban dynamics. The range of opportunities will continue to increase with demand, making a business sustainability degree highly marketable in the domestic and global economy.

Business Sustainability Degree Courses

The bachelor degree in sustainability challenges you to consider the full scope of business sustainability issues, and employ quantitative and qualitative reasoning to solve problems facing different types of organizations, communities, facilities, and more. You’ll explore every aspect of business sustainability through courses including:

  • Economics of Sustainability
  • Global Supply Operations
  • Business and Sustainability
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues in Business
  • Use of Accounting Information
  • Fundamentals of Finance

Admission Requirements for the Bachelor Degree in Business Sustainability (BA)

Deadlines and specific requirements for business sustainability degree students vary. Learn more about how to apply to ASU:

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