Undergraduate - Public Service and Public Policy — Bachelor’s Degree Program (BA)

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Public Service and Public Policy — Bachelor’s Degree Program (BA)

The concentration in Public Service and Public Policy prepares students for work in public, nonprofit, and private sectors through comprehensive coverage of topics in public policy and public administration. Students will become familiar with leading a public organization and the process of policy development. The program also enables students to examine the public sector through multiple lenses and address the challenges it faces in a practical way. Graduates are prepared for professional careers in public service, and the program offers preparation for students who wish to pursue graduate degrees in public administration, public policy, law, nonprofit administration, or other public service and policy-oriented areas.

Career Opportunities in the Field

Increasing demand for public services and retiring baby boomers has created an increase in job opportunities for graduates in the public sector. The Partnership for Public Service estimates that the federal government alone will hire nearly 273,000 new employees by 2012 for mission-critical positions.

Uniqueness of the Program at ASU

The degree will prepare you to apply your business skills in areas of society that have traditionally needed business capabilities, but where students have not generally been able to acquire business as part of their undergraduate education.

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Public Service and Public Policy

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