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Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a university-wide certificate for students interested in exploring entrepreneurship within specific areas of interest.  The certificate consists of three interdisciplinary core courses in the foundations of entrepreneurship followed by two capstone courses within a student's disciplinary college. Individual colleges are encouraged to offer a capstone course as part of the program.

Beyond topics related specifically to entrepreneurial business practices, courses will include such topics as social entrepreneurship, arts entrepreneurship, idea generation, and storytelling as additional perspectives for the student entrepreneur.


Learn what entrepreneurship means and how it can be applied to your life. Discover how to recognize problems as opportunities and how to identify innovative, creative solutions. Understand how to test the feasibility of an idea and apply for various types of funding.

Students completing the certificate will be recognized for their achievements on their transcripts, and career services will market the certificate to potential employers, highlighting the innovative skills that students with this designation can offer.


The Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is available to ALL ASU students in good standing except those enrolled in the Management Entrepreneurship degree or the Technology Entrepreneurship and Management (TEM) degree.

To earn the Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, students must accumulate fifteen (15) credit hours by completing the following coursework:

  • MGT 290 My Life Venture (icourse) or TEM 200 My Technology Venture (Poly or icourse)
  • MGT 340 Creativity and Innovation (Main) or TEM 230 Creativity and Business Innovation (Poly or icourse)
  • MGT 360 Entrepreneurship and Value Creation (Main or icourse) or TEM 400 Technology Entrepreneurship (Poly or icourse)
  • 6 credit hours of capstone courses in the student's major of study. Please see a list of currently approved capstone courses, below. Additional capstones demonstrating content in entrepreneurial concepts and major-specific study will be approved by the program administrator on a case-by-case basis.

Explore certificate requirements and the certificate application to learn more.

For additional information — and a list of capstones currently offered — please contact Rhett Trujillo at 480-965-5895 or rhett.trujillo@asu.edu.