Undergraduate - Marketing — Bachelor’s Degree Program (BS)

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Marketing — Bachelor’s Degree Program (BS)

Guiding buyers to products and services they want and helping businesses capitalize on market trends keep the demand for marketing professionals on the rise. As a W. P. Carey marketing major at Arizona State University, you’ll be uniquely equipped to meet that demand in organizations of all sizes and across industries, learning to effectively analyze, articulate, and act upon key insights.

The W. P. Carey School bachelor degree in marketing delivers the skills you need to launch your career. You’ll learn core marketing concepts, and you can even customize your marketing degree with a concentration area, to gain specialized skills in professional sales or digital and integrated marketing communications.

Marketing Degree Concentration Areas

As a W. P. Carey marketing major, you can develop advanced skills and knowledge in a concentration area of your choosing. Applying core marketing concepts to solve real-world marketing challenges, you’ll unlock business acumen that’d normally take years of experience to acquire.

Digital and Integrated Marketing Communications Concentration

Be on the cutting edge of marketing by building an in-depth knowledge of advertising management, digital management in practice, social media, content marketing, brand management, and more. Specialized instruction complements the core marketing curriculum to give you a competitive advantage, as well as the skills you need to excel as a marketing generalist or a specialist.

Review the digital and integrated marketing communications requirements to learn more.

Professional Sales Concentration

Demand for sales professionals far outweighs the number of applicants in or entering the job market. Adding professional sales to your core marketing courses will not only make you a more versatile job candidate for sales positions, but also enhance your ability to align marketing strategies with the immediate and long-term goals of a sales team. Fusing the particular skills required of both marketing and sales professionals, you’ll become an asset to any organization. 

Explore the professional sales concentration requirements to find out more.   

Career Opportunities in Marketing

Whether you’re interested in building brand loyalty at an advertising agency, managing lead generation at a B2B enterprise, or something else entirely, the marketing degree program is your gateway to a network of diverse and exciting career opportunities. A W. P. Carey marketing degree can prepare you for a range of fields, including:

  • Market research, analysis, and application
  • Brand management and product development
  • Advertising technology and marketing automation
  • Digital marketing and web development
  • Social media and community management
  • Content marketing and information management
  • Professional sales and relationship management
  • Advertising and promotions merchandise and events
  • Business development and fundraising

Marketing Degree Courses at Arizona State University

With a bachelor degree in marketing, you can discover the science of consumer behavior, see how technology impacts marketing decisions, or explore marketing on an international scale through courses, including:

  • Advertising Management
  • Applied Marketing Management and Leadership
  • Brand Management
  • Competitive Marketing Strategy
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Digital Marketing in Practice
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Global Marketing Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing Research
  • Professional Sales and Relationship Management
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Services Marketing and Strategy
  • Social Media and Content Marketing
  • Sports Business

Admission Requirements for the Bachelor Degree in Marketing

Deadlines and specific requirements for the marketing degree vary. Learn more about how to apply to ASU:

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