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W. P. Carey undergraduate business students are strongly encouraged to pursue one or more internships as a way of supplementing their classroom work and determining whether their chosen career is going to be a good match. The experience gained during an internship also is a big plus when you are looking for a full-time position after graduating, giving you a significant competitive edge in the job market.

Internships are short-term work experiences for students within a year or more of graduation. They provide significant, meaningful learning experiences relevant to your major. Internships can be full time during the summer or part time during the academic year.

In certain situations, you may be eligible to earn academic credit for an internship. For credit to be awarded, it must be arranged through the academic department’s faculty internship advisor.

Finding an Internship

A great source of internship opportunities is the Sun Devil Career Link. All employers post their internship opportunities on the site and often interview on campus to fill those positions.

It also is a good idea to join a business-oriented student organization because company recruiters frequently speak to such groups and seek those with significant leadership experience.

You also can create your own internship by marketing yourself to prospective employers who do not have formal internship programs. You can discuss strategies with your career coach in the Business Career Center or with the internship advisor in your academic department.