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The International Student Experience

Now more than ever, a global perspective is necessary to understanding the modern business landscape. The W. P. Carey School welcomes hundreds of students from all parts of the world, and Arizona State University has been ranked one of the top destinations for international students every year. The result is a lively and enriching experience in classes, in projects, in student organizations and more.

Academic Advising

As a W. P. Carey student you have access to advising resources, both online and in-person. Your academic advisor, assigned based on your specific degree program, will help you develop your academic plan and connect you to university resources. Your advisor will ensure that you understand the requirements of your academic program and help plan your required courses for each semester. After you register for classes, you can continue to meet with your advisor to make certain you are taking the courses you need to earn your degree and get information on additional involvement opportunities, including student organizations and campus events.

Getting Involved

Joining student clubs and participating in campus events is an important part of your experience at the W. P. Carey School of Business. When you join a business club or organization, you can discover a career path, meet other students, start (or continue) your path to leadership, develop language and professional skills, build networks and have some fun too. Our student engagement coordinators provide many opportunities to get you involved and help you become successful students and leaders.

There are nearly 40 clubs and organizations dedicated to the interests of W. P. Carey students (and another 1,000+ student clubs at ASU).

There are many opportunities available for you. One example is ASCEND. ASCEND enhances the presence and influence of current and future business leaders of Asian and Pacific Islander descent and serves as a collective voice for those business communities. To contact ASCEND directly, email Ascend.ASU@gmail.com.

Career Advising

Employees who can bring experience through leadership and internships are more desirable to hiring companies. The W. P. Carey Undergraduate Business Career Center will help you prepare for the job search process, utilizing its vast professional network across the globe.

The career specialists within the Business Career Center can also identify cultural norms specific to the resume and interview process in the United States, and help you acclimate to this new professional environment.