Undergraduate - Global Leadership – Bachelor’s Degree Program (BA)

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Global Leadership – Bachelor’s Degree Program (BA)

Effective leadership is key to business success, especially for organizations with international reach and status. Global leadership requires long-term vision, strategic execution, and scalable management — grounded in both theoretical and applied knowledge. With a bachelor degree in global leadership from the W. P. Carey School at Arizona State University, you’ll gain the particular skillset required to excel and lead in an international organization.

The global leadership degree program develops strategic thinkers with strong international business acumen and leadership skills. You’ll learn to lead on a global scale, study international management and leadership, have opportunities to both study and work abroad, and graduate with immediate relevance in the global business world. 

Career Opportunities in Global Leadership

A bachelor degree in global leadership trains you for domestic and international positions within global corporations, opening doors at the entry level and above. With a leadership degree, you will be particularly valuable to corporations with an established or growing global footprint, as well as humanitarian organizations confronting issues with worldwide impact.

You’ll become fluent in cultural sensitivity and awareness, adept in understanding and bridging cultural divides, and effective in leveraging diversity for business gains. The bachelor degree in global leadership prepares graduates for careers in politics, international relations, global supply chain management, economics, global marketing management, law, globalization, development, and more.

Global Leadership Degree Courses

With a bachelor degree in leadership, you’ll enhance your critical, ethical, and strategic thinking, as well as your ability to consider and act upon micro- and macro-level trends in global business. The leadership degree develops globally aware, business savvy leaders through courses including:

  • Global Justice
  • Comparative Politics
  • Principles of International Business
  • Global Marketing Management
  • International Political Economy
  • Globalization, Development, and Resistance
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Global Supply Operations
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Negotiations

Admission Requirements for the Bachelor Degree in Global Leadership (BA)

Deadlines and specific requirements for the global leadership degree vary. Learn more about how to apply to ASU:

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