Undergraduate - Food Industry Management – Bachelor’s Degree Program (BA)

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Food Industry Management – Bachelor’s Degree Program (BA)

The food industry is anything but static. Employing one in six people nationwide and constantly evolving to meet consumer tastes and needs, the industry welcomes new markets and products every year and continues to expand at a rapid pace. A bachelor degree in food industry management from the Morrison School of Agribusiness and the W. P. Carey School of Business can open the door to an exciting career with global impact.

With a food industry management degree, you’ll acquire the mission-critical applied finance, strategy, marketing, human resources, and supply chain management skills necessary for success in any food-related enterprise or job.

Career Opportunities in Food Industry Management

The bachelor degree in food industry management delivers skills that are immediately significant in one of the biggest and most essential sectors of the global economy. Gaining hands-on experience in unique aspects of the food industry, as well as a core foundation in business, you’ll be prepared for leadership roles in a variety of food industry firms and organizations.

Possible careers in food industry management include purchasing and procurement, food supply chain management, wholesale and distribution, logistics, commodity trading and export, and food marketing.

Food Industry Management Degree Courses

Developed in partnership with major food industry partners, the degree in food industry management at Arizona State University was designed to deliver an industry-specific, purpose-built knowledgebase. Find out what it takes to get food from the farm to schools, retail stores, restaurants, and beyond through courses like:

  • Food Product Innovation and Development
  • Marketing and Business Performance
  • International Management and Agribusiness
  • Food Supply Networks
  • Microeconomic Analysis of Food Markets
  • Food Advertising and Promotion
  • Food Retailing

Admission Requirements for the Bachelor Degree in Food Industry Management (BA)

Deadlines and specific requirements for food industry management degree students vary. Learn more about how to apply to ASU:

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Food Industry Management

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