Undergraduate - Business Entrepreneurship — Bachelor’s Degree Program (BS)

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Business Entrepreneurship — Bachelor’s Degree Program (BS)

Program Description

The ability to identify, evaluate and develop entrepreneurial opportunities is a key to success, whether you’re starting a new business venture or working within an existing company. The W. P. Carey business entrepreneurship major is grounded in collaboration, leadership, communication and team building, with added emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving within new product development and innovation.

As a business entrepreneurship student, you will learn how to identify market opportunities and strategically execute innovative solutions, including resource management, risk factor mitigation, and issues of feasibility. Your work will frequently involve other students across ASU as you develop characteristics important to an entrepreneur within or external to an existing organization.

Career Opportunities

A degree in business entrepreneurship develops an analytical mindset of innovation that you will use throughout your career, whether you start your own business or work for a company that values your entrepreneurial abilities. You can apply new analytical skills within a variety of self-directed paths, including new product and venture development, or working as an innovative leader within an existing organization.

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Business Entrepreneurship

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