Undergraduate - Computer Information Systems — Bachelor’s Degree Program (BS)

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Computer Information Systems — Bachelor’s Degree Program (BS)

Program Description

In today's world, technology is critical to the operation of businesses . Investing in a degree that teaches you about the exciting and innovative ways that information technology is used to help organizations succeed will assure you a high starting salary at graduation. There currently is an acute shortage of information systems professionals, and many more jobs than graduates.

As a CIS major, you will learn how to design, build and maintain information systems that support both business operations and managerial decision-making. The program covers business process analysis, project management, evidenced-based decision-making, the information value-chain, databases and data modeling, application program development, network deployment, and systems integration. This is your opportunity to join a team of motivated students and become part of one of the nation's highest ranked Computer Information Systems departments.

Career Opportunities

A Computer Information Systems degree offers job opportunities in a variety of industries , including entertainment, national defense, transportation, education, health care and finance. Information systems are key components in the success of other functional business areas such as accounting, supply chain management, finance and marketing.

Entry-level information systems positions include database administrator, systems analyst, network administrator, project manager, systems administrator and consultant. Long-term career aspirations for a student with a CIS degree include chief information officer, chief technology officer, chief knowledge officer, chief security officer and chief executive officer.

STEM-designated Program

The W. P. Carey degree in computer information systems has been designated by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency within the Department of Homeland Security as a STEM eligible degree program (CIP code 11.0101). The STEM designation allows eligible graduates on student visas access to an Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension, up to 29 months, as compared to 12 months for non-STEM degrees. As an international student, the longer work authorization term may help you gain additional real-world skills and experience in the U.S.

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