Undergraduate - Communication — Bachelor’s Degree Program (BA)

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Communication — Bachelor’s Degree Program (BA)

Program Description

Business communication has exploded as a field with companies requiring more rapid and thoughtful responses in conveying both ordinary information and crisis communications. The BA in business with a concentration in communication will prepare you to understand and shape message-related behaviors for the purpose of improving communicative interactions in the workplace. Graduates will have specific knowledge of business practices and the capacity to effectively communicate complex business information.

Among the courses in the concentration are Small Group Communication, Communication Training and Development, and Leadership in Group Communication. The concentration courses are offered through ASU’s Hugh Downs School of Human Communication.

Career Opportunities

Business communications positions historically have been staffed with people trained in communication, English, journalism or other fields who lack specific business knowledge. Graduates of this program will be better qualified to enter private and non-profit corporate communications positions with knowledge that will be immediately useful to potential employers. Students pursuing opportunities in sales, operations, retail banking and hospitality will find the concentration of particular value.

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